I need people who won’t put me down just because I got heavy
Let me go because I was dead weight
Bury me because all signs indicated that I gave up my last breath

I need people who will carry me if I need to be carried
Because sometimes my thoughts cripple me
Sometimes I feel like my access to the Healer is blocked, bottlenecked, too much of a press…I can’t even walk, how will I press

I need people who, although they’ve carried me down the dusty years
Will make one last climb, rip out a new entrance, and place me before the King

I need people whose faith does not depend on how weary they are, or how much they know about me from their years of walking alongside my bed
But bears securely on what they know about the ONE to whom they are taking me

(Based on Luke 5:17-20)


Photo credit: Pixabay


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