Why two lives
One in public, the other
Entangled in a constant tussle with the public persona
The fear of involuntary divulgence,
And the weakening grip on a mind divided
Drives determination to reconcile,
Correcting duplicity by shredding the curtained existence of a private life

The public life is not just a show
Not a theatric production to be rewarded with petals tossed at the feet
It is a goal
Surpassing mere weightless words uttered by the public face
It is tangible and unveiled, as precious as retrieved treasure,
For it is based on the deepest desires of the private heart

There is no privacy from the Omniscient
We are always exposed
With an audience consisting of “such a great cloud of witnesses”
Witnessing but not accusing

So why not, in unison, create allegiance
Intentionally and consistently
Allow action to shadow the imagery painted by the words
Inextricably linked and growing more evident
Because of the Light
One life
Fully aligned


Written by Sharon Haughton
Edited by Dalton Richards
Photo credit: http://www.Pixabay.com

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