Name Calling

I often tell my girls, “no name calling”! Especially, don’t call yourself names.

Name calling can be hurtful and harmful on any scale, but to watch political world leaders resort to what I often refer to as the schoolyard mentality of trying to hurt another person by calling them derogatory names, is not just appalling it’s also embarrassing…for them.

No one wins when we resort to depreciating each other by calling them names with the hope that ridicule will provoke change.

But as cringeworthy as name calling is on the grand political and social media scale, it is just as harmful when we call ourselves names like idiot, fat, stupid, ugly, dumb, worthless to our own face.

You don’t feel the sting of shame immediately, because the part of you that registers the hurt doesn’t have a face…you know, separately from your person. But that face shows up later in our reaction to and interaction with people who we think are: beautiful, intelligent, perfectly shaped or otherwise confident. And it is super-sized when said ‘confident’ person catches a whiff of your shame, the shame you carry for the ugly you, the poor you and the forever wrong you. Now ‘others’ get permission to call you the names you’ve come to respond to. Thats when the real effects show up in your posture and on your face, in your trimmed smiles…not all the way reaching to the eyes, it pushes up the cheeks but never rises further or goes deeper.

Your fears are confirmed, fears fed by foolish talk and by self-depreciating lines…lies.

So how about we stop calling ourselves names, that way when other people try to degrade us, we have a wealth of self-confidence to draw from because we have affirmed ourselves, we know who we are and that we are fearfully and wonderfully made, in His image and likeness, beautiful, powerful and unique. If we do this, we will never respond to insults in kind, but will be more likely to go about the business of making our lives profess what we have, in private, confessed!

We will go on to empower ourselves and others through purpose and on purpose.

Speak kindly to yourself, and to each other.

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  1. True words..
    As much as we worry about defiling our bodies by what we put in our mouths,we ought to be just or more concerned of what comes out. The latter may even be more defiling!


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