If every mother gave up in the process of giving birth, whether from being tired, overcome with pain or just giving up on the process, they would suffocate or damage their child by keeping him/her too long in the birth canal – trapped between release from the now constricting womb and being delivered into the arms of the those who have prepared for him/her. What a tragedy it would be for mothers and for families, after many weeks of carrying their child, making room in their homes and plans for their future; after having their body stretched to accommodate what they are expecting, to give up because the delivery process was much harder than they anticipated.

Doctors panic when mothers become too tired or weak to push, the sense of calm and assurance, is suddenly replaced with urgency and some amount of sternness: “Push!” they say, “your baby is in distress!” The fact is, the body naturally prepares itself for birth. However, the process requires the mental cooperation of an expectant mother. It will take some amount of assistance in the form of determination, acknowledging the pain and counting it as natural in the birth process.

I use this analogy to remind us to keep pressing towards our goals and dreams. I have started many projects, and to be honest a great number of them are not completed because I waited too long, thought about it too much or gave up on my ability to complete the task.  If every dreamer, creator, writer, visionary suffocated their dreams, visions and talents in the process of its delivery, before it was fully manifested, what a dull, uninspiring world we would live in. I am challenged to see my process through.

Head first is the natural birth direction; I believe our rebirth happens first in our mind, the process of transformation in our mind will show up in our words and actions. Have the mindset of completing your tasks and following through on your process. Be determined to nurture positive thoughts, envision the finished product and move towards it by taking the steps – setting up the meetings you have been putting off, writing every day, taking the classes and doing the training. There is no cure for procrastination except action. “Let this mind be in you that was also in Messiah” who accomplished His purpose even through the press of the labor pains in the Garden of Gethsemane. The results of His pressing reverberates still today, we still benefit from the fulfillment of His purpose and his sacrifice.

How many times have we persevered when we wanted to give up, only to come out on the other side with the project a success, the job we prayed and waited for, the answered prayer which we acted in obedience for? How many times have we looked back and said, “as difficult as that was, it was worth it”!

This post is not just for women but I use the birth process because it is life’s natural lesson on perseverance, delivery and the joy of holding in your hand, the miracle you have imagined, waited for and helped to create.

Don’t give up on your dreams, not just because it will be worth the effort, but also because the world is waiting. Someone else needs what you have to offer, it could help them get to their place of strength. PUSH!

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  1. .Wow… “head first” has been a topic I’ve been resonating on lately; changing your mindset to ultimately change your life… and the pain associated with change sometimes can seem overwhelming. Thank you for posting this!


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