My Boat, His Platform Devotional: Day 2 – Pushed Further

Day 2 - Pushed further

“So Yahshua got into the boat that belonged to Simon asked him to push off a little from the shore.” Luke 5:3 (GW)

Have you ever been pushed?  I mean physically, perhaps when you were younger and at school? I remember being pushed from behind as a child.  First there is the shock, then the stumble, a loss of control that moves you away from where you were standing.  Sometimes if it is forceful enough, you will be rewarded with bruised hands and knees.  I remember that my immediate response was either retaliate against the aggressor or just sit there and cry.

Life has a way of pushing us.  The push in itself doesn’t get us far, it is not intended to, but it may be enough to move us from where we languished for too many months or years.  In my experience, these are not always gentle nudges.  In fact, we may miss the positive perspective on the experiences which start off with a stumble or a fall, which throws us off your feet and makes us unsteady for a little while.  At this stage, we can either lash out at the people or the circumstances that sent us reeling OR we can quickly recognize that this is an opportunity to move away from where we have become comfortably stationary, and use it as motivation to pursue our purpose even more aggressively.

Perhaps we would never have expanded to the deep places if we were not pushed by life’s circumstances.  Many entrepreneurs would never have been bold enough to start their business if they were not terminated from their job or frustrated into quitting. Being pushed often makes us feel as if more is being asked of us than we are able to give, but it is here that we discover our potential to rise above adversity and meet the challenges we are propelled towards. After the initial unsteadiness our Father will settle us and establish our paths.  Are you being pushed today?

Journal/Prayer: Father I sometimes feel as if I have been pushed to my limit but I am willing to accept that when I am at my limit, your omnipotence takes me beyond the places where I stumbled in my own strength.  Help me not to resist the depths of discovery that comes with detaching from life on the shoreline.

Today I view my challenges as a push towards my purpose.


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Thank you,

Sharon@DisciplesWithoutBorders (IG)

Based on Luke 5:1-11 (see series Introduction)



  1. Sometimes the battles we face are so painful and the push Is even more painful, we hide and delay the unknown.

    Thanks Sharon for reminding me that a push isn’t always a bad one.

    Amazing read!

    Liked by 1 person

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