My Boat, His Platform Devotional: Day 3 – Access to Ownership

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So Yahshua got into the boat that belonged to Simon…Then [He] sat down and taught from the boat. Luke 5:3 (GW)

When I visit someone else’s home, I am very aware of my limitations as a guest. I do not insist that they clear a spot next to theirs for my toiletries and I certainly don’t rearrange their furniture to my taste regardless of how welcome they make me feel during my visit. In my house, I can rearrange my bedroom as many times as I want to (I don’t, I am a creature of habit), paint the walls in colors to match my décor or throw things out I feel no longer fit my style.

In our lives, the Messiah should feel welcome not only to use us on occasion, but to move in and take up residence. He should be so comfortable that he unpacks his uniquely designed master plan and goes to work renovating and redecorating to suit His purpose. In the process He will unpack His gifts, cultivate fruit and spread His love and anointing over every surface of our lives. If He is to establish his home in our hearts, we must be willing to grant Him full access, relinquishing the title of ownership to Him.

In our study passage (Luke 5:1-11 see series Introduction), Yahshua was not only allowed to get into Simon’s boat, he got comfortable, sat and began to minister from there. Within hours he was instructing Peter to launch out, an obedience test that led to the biggest catch of his fishing career. Simon’s decision to allow the Messiah full access to his boat turned out to be a transformative decision. He became an unstoppable force for change and his life a platform from which salvation and healing reverberated in every city he entered.

The path to transformation begins with access. It progresses with obedience and surrender that results in ownership. Be ready for permanent changes as Yahweh (GOD) gets comfortable and establish ownership of your heart. Some of the changes you will embrace, while others will bump into resistance from within and from others, but keep in mind that He abides with you during the entire process. His presence makes the changes worthwhile.

Prayer/Journal: Father, I appreciate that I do not have to be perfect to be chosen by you, but today I welcome the renewal of my heart and mind so that I can be a vessel of honor as I pursue my purpose in you.

Today, my life belongs to my King!

Based on Luke 5:1-11

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Thank you,
Sharon@DisciplesWithoutBorders (IG)

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