My Boat, His Platform Devotional: Day 4 – A Vessel (Not) Discarded

Day 4 pic

He saw at the water’s edge, two boats, left there by the fishermen who were washing their nets. Luke 5:2(NIV)

The events in Luke 5:1-11 (see series Introduction) serves as a great analogy for what happens when we decide to answer the call to deeper: back in the familiar lap of the ocean’s edge, the boat was initially used in a different capacity than it was known for. People sometimes feel as if they are worth less because they are no longer being utilized in their usual capacity. But our Father has a way of making even the long discarded vessel feel the joy of being useful to Him.

This reminds me of the story of Moses who was ‘known’ to some in his birthplace as the adopted son of the Pharaoh’s daughter; to others he was the Israelite living in an Egyptian palace while his family suffered; some may have hailed him as a hero for defending his mistreated kin, while others called him a murderer, disloyal to the people who kept him alive. The point is he was known for his past, and on his return the expectations were of a coward who ran away out of fear and spent years in hiding. However, we know very well, that aside from being a vague reference point for gossipers, Moses’ past was not important.

By the time he returned to familiar ground, he was stepping into the larger than life role of emancipator. His future as leader and powerful intercessor was his reward for the years of feeling insignificant on the far side of the mountain, tending sheep. His life changed in an encounter that swept him from his dormant years into the depths of life as a witness of the Messiah’s love! We may go as far as Moses and say we are not capable of accomplishing the purpose envisioned, but this is a reminder that no vessel is too old or young, small, weak or faulty for the Savior to choose and use.

After years of being viewed through the lenses of what you were known for, you may have carved out a comfortable spot on the sidelines of your best life. But it is time get back into your story, writing a new narrative of living out your purpose and being redefined by the words of Yahweh. Our past does not determine our worth when our future is in Him. Because of Him, I AM!

Journal/prayer: Father I thank you that none of my years are wasted and that every experience helped prepare me for the pursuit of my purpose, introducing me to a more intimate definition of you as Father. Help me to value every experience and be ready to leave the labels of my past behind, as I embark on my next phase of a life committed to You.

Today I am defined by His Love
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Thank you,
Sharon@DisciplesWithoutBorders (IG)

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