My Boat, His Platform Devotional: Day 5 – Prayer, Power & Purpose

Day 5“The people were crowding him around him and listening to the word of Yahweh (God). Luke 5:1 (NIV)

As the shore became crowded (really crowded), Yahshua (Jesus) was completely surrounded and this affected his reach, some people could not see or hear him, he was getting swallowed up in the noise and press of the people in need.” My Boat, His Platform, Sharon Haughton@DWB

On any given day, the Messiah was surrounded by thousands of people. For almost every day, for three years, how did he not get burnt out? How was he able to maintain the kind of spiritual stamina that it took to be effective every day? The answer: He began and ended his day seeking out the solitude and empowering quiet in the presence of His Father.

There is no way to be effective consistently without a consistent prayer life. Of course, we never really heard Him say to the people who followed Him, “pray every day and you will be like me”. He taught his disciples how to pray, but just as important, he demonstrated the importance of prayer and solitude by His actions.

While he was with them, Yahshua showed his disciples the example of an empowered life, not just through miraculous works and transformative teaching, but also in his willingness to separate from his closest friends in order to replenish the resources expended and download his power and instructions for the each day’s journey, let’s call it FaceTime with his Father.

Have no doubt, in pursuing our purpose we will need to imitate this practice: Prayer equals Power. Every undertaking embarked upon in faith, the kind of faith that takes you into the uncharted, deep territory that we have been talking about, will require a commitment to spending quality time alone, just you two – away from the crowd, the performance and the doing.  This is where He shares His secrets of effectiveness with us.

A commitment to spending more time in prayer and in the presence of the Great Teacher, will transport us into the deep places where our faith becomes sight, and our vision of Him empowers us to do the work we are chosen for.  (Matthew 17:1-8)

Prayer/Journal: Father I want to be effective and consistent in my walk, therefore teach me how to maintain a consistent prayer life. Only then will I avoid burnout and frustration from the demands of living a purposeful life. Help me to seek you first, so that the life I live will reflect you.

Today, I will be deliberate about my time spent in prayer and solitude.

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