My Boat, His Platform Devotional: Day 7 – Going Forward

Day 7

So they pulled up their boats on shore, left everything and followed Him.
Luke 5:11(NIV)

In the last chapter of the book of John we find the former fishermen back at their trade, trying to recapture a memory of a life from which they had been delivered. It wasn’t that they missed the excitement of the big catch. Rather they were disillusioned, disappointed and unsure of what their future held without their teacher of three years walking alongside them.

So Peter and some of the other disciples decided to go back to the familiarity of their old lifestyle. They probably reasoned that it would be easier to fall back into the lives they had prior to being introduced to greater. They really tried to make it work, and whether it was by design or just a bad fishing night, they found no success using the skills they relied on before they discovered who they were called to be. This is the shore on which they abandoned their past and stepped wholeheartedly into their mission.

Have you ever been disappointed with the way your change was going? You started out excited, expecting things to continue on their upward swing, when suddenly you lose the reason for your optimism as things take an unimaginable turn and what you planned for and expected became elusive or at least, unattainable in the timeframe you expected. When things don’t go the way we plan, we may make snap decisions to go back to the familiar, rather than take a leap of faith in the direction of our calling.

Even if unexpected events throw us for a loop on our journey, we must press forward. There is no going back to the haze of a fearful life, peering through the smog of excuses at the appeal of pursuing your purpose. If you have taken a few steps back, I pray He does for you what he did for His other disciples, that is, rescue them from their reminiscing by coming after them and reminding them of their assignment. Your Father is not content to let you return to the mindset in which you were stuck for years. He is releasing you into a life of power and purpose.

Journal/Prayer: Father forgive me if I ever longed for what I was delivered from, forgive me for not trusting you enough to move forward. I promise to walk in faith and in the expectation of my new life, a life of greater purpose, one without the threatening paralysis of fear. Show me how I can use my gifts in fulfilling your commission – to tell the world about the truth of the gospel and of who you are.

Today, I make the decision to go forward

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Thank you,

Sharon@DisciplesWithoutBorders (IG)

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