My Boat, His Platform Devotional: Day 8 – Walk through the Crowd

Day 8

But He walked through the crowd and went on His way. Luke 4:30 (NIV)

The verses leading up to this line in Luke 4:30 presents a panoramic image which captures warm tones of adoration quickly turning to violent flashes of anger, from the same people and toward one person. In a matter of minutes, the face of the crowd morphed from wide-eyed amazement to furled brows, tense jaws and accusing eyes, at the words (verses 22 & 28) of the Messiah. This was a snapshot of His life for the next three years, culminating in the ultimate betrayal and brutality that resulted in the fulfilment of the Word.

Here, at the outset of his ministry, the people tried to grab him and throw off a cliff, but not just any cliff, it was “the hill on which the town was built” (v. 29): the place where he was born but could not remain and where he faced his greatest resistance. The town became the example of the consequence of unbelief (Matthew 11:28). This could have been a place where they destroyed or harm the Messiah, if he had allowed them to keep holding on to Him. But instead he walked through them!

In pursuing your purpose, it is important to remain focused and unfazed. Walk through the crowd, not allowing your attention to be grabbed by praises or protests. The enthusiastic fan or the face of opposition could really be an attempt by the enemy to “throw you off”. Remember that extent of your purpose is not limited to the place where your vision was birthed.  It will be necessary to walk on from the direction of the cliffs which threatens your balance and to keep going on your way, eyes and heart trained on the prize, that is, to glorify your Father.

Journal/Prayer: Father I am ready to be who You called me to be and to accomplish the work You instructed me to complete. May your Word and Spirit guide me through the crowd.

Today, walk through the noise: take the praises and the criticisms in stride, focus on your journey to fulfilling your purpose




  1. Loved “Remember that extent of your purpose is not limited to the place where your vision was birthed.” This was another beautiful piece and a great reminder to stay focused on the Messiah as I press toward the mark of the higher calling in Him.

    I’m really enjoying these daily devotionals.

    Thank you for sharing.

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  2. These devotional are truly a blessing. A great reminder for us to stay focus on the prize, since the enemy is always planning his schemes many different ways. May you continue to be strengthened to do the work in which you are called to do.
    Much love my dear sister.

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