Devotional: Day 13 – Your Love Surrounds Us

Day 13_1

Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.
Psalm 139:5 (KJV)

Beset is an interesting word which appears in the bible only about 6 times (KJV). The definition gives a picture of being surrounded, but not just in a general like the air I breathe surrounds me, but rather a snug and secure enclosure that limits one’s movement. In this particular verse, David speaking about the omniscience of Yahweh brings the circle much closer. The transliteration comes to us as ‘hem me in’, that is, keeping us in check, not allowing us to move very far out of His path, never slipping too far back in the past, and never walking out of line with His will, because His is so close to us.

It gets even more vivid…the Hebrew Names Version (HNV) says, “you Tzitzit me in behind and before”. In Numbers 15:38-39, the people were given instructions to wear fringes (tzitzit) at the edge of their clothes as a reminder of the word and their commitment made to Yahweh.

Not only are we surrounded and protected by the love of our Father, but that His word is actively keeping us in alignment with His will and His plans for our lives. He goes ahead of us, clearing our paths and He also separates us from memories of our past that would prevent us from moving forward. May His word always be before and behind us as we continue to walk by faith.

Prayer/Journal: Father I desire to walk in the boundaries of your words, surrounding my heart and mind, keeping me from stepping out of your will or leaving me exposed to the opposing forces that are against me. Thank you that I am completely secure because your presence hems me in.

Today I live with the awareness that your love surrounds me.

You have enclosed me behind and before, and (You have) placed your hand upon me. Psalm 139:5 (AMP)

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Thank you,

Sharon@DisciplesWithoutBorders (IG)
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