My Boat, His Platform Devotional: Day 20 – Known by Him


You have searched me, Yahweh and you know me.
Psalm 139:1(NIV)

The Psalmist David demonstrates the omniscience of our Father in Psalm 139. His knowledge of us covers all of our days and years long before we began to witness our days unfold and He has written every line of our life story ahead of us. The question is, if he knows us why does He continue to search us?

It is so that we can discover ourselves. “You have searched me and known me”: by searching our hearts, He reveals to us the parts of ourselves we have been blind to, thoughts unknown and purpose unexplored. In exposing our innermost being, we have an understanding of just how far His knowledge of us goes and of His acceptance, demonstrating the depth and intensity of His love. His knowledge and love covers our past and takes us into the future prepared for us. In the present moment, His searching takes us through experiences that mature us and teach us to love ourselves and others.
His search reveals who He is and who we are in Him.

Prayer/Journal: Father I recognize that nothing about me is hidden from you. Therefore, I appreciate your knowledge of me and my love for you grows stronger. Continue to teach me about who I am in You. Reveal your purpose in me through your perfect love.

Today I will pay attention to what His search reveals in me.

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Thank you,
Sharon_DWB (IG)

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