Mind Your Manna Devotional: Day 21 – The Obedience Test

Day 21

Do not be anxious or worried about anything, but in everything (every circumstance and situation) by prayer and petition with thanksgiving, continue to make your (specific) requests known to Yahweh.
Philippians 4:6 (AMP)

The entire manna experience was an obedience test. The scripture says, “In this way, I will test them to demonstrate whether or not they will live according to my instructions”. Manna came with instructions, not on how to prepare it (that was optional) but on when to gather it. So instruction one was: do not pick up for more than one day (there was one exception which I will talk about in another post).

It sounds simple enough, right? Only gather one serving per person, per household, per day. Not surprisingly there were some who thought: “yeah, I heard you, but I am going to play it safe, and pick up an extra serving because I am not so sure if there will be any in the morning”. Essentially, there action said, “I cannot guarantee that you will be faithful to provide for tomorrow”, so they went against very explicit instructions and gathered extra servings.

So what happened? All their efforts to secure their own provision and ignoring the instructions turned out really rotten. Literally, the manna rotted and stunk and they couldn’t have it anyway, leaving them to rely on Yahweh’s provision for each day.
This is not an argument against preparation and planning. I am all for planning, and having a secure future. But when the actions we take go directly against the Word in order for us to feel secure, that’s when things begin to stink. Our plans can go sour when we thought there was no way we could fail. But perhaps things didn’t go badly because it was doomed to fail, but because our actions were out of line with the instructions given and ignored.

What is your score on the Obedience test? Do we read the instructions and follow them? Or do we make edits that take us out of line with the criteria for guaranteed provision? Does worry and fear cause us to make unsuccessful attempts at being secure? If our decisions are made out of fear rather than trust, we are apt to disobey his word.

Instruction one of the manna experience aligns with the principle taught by the Messiah: “Do not be anxious for anything, do not worry about what you will eat or drink”. Do not stash secret servings of that which will decay or is likely to become toxic, out of fear and unbelief.

The good news is, the next morning manna was still provided. The provision promised was already made and available to all.

Prayer/Journal: Father please help me to trust Your word and follow your instructions. Your faithfulness never fails, therefore I will trust you to provide for my every need.

Today, I will obey His instructions as a sign of trust.

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Thank you,
Sharon_DWB (IG)

Photo credit: http://www.pixabay.com



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