Mind Your Manna Devotional: Day 22 – Gratitude

Day 22_1

In every situation (no matter what the circumstances) be thankful and continually give thanks to Yahweh; for this is the will of Yahweh for you in Yahshua the Messiah.
1 Thessalonians 5:18 (AMP)

Throughout the manna experience, the people lacked a continuous or prolonged sense of gratitude. The immediate excitement of divine provision would soon turn to the rumbling of discontent with what was provided. The sense of wonder quickly gave way to wondering how long it would be before there was a change in diet.

We sometimes fall prey to this need for a sign, a great wondrous work and miracle for which we give thanks in the moment; then we are lulled into forgetfulness by the demand for more proof of His love and power. But for the fearful and the skeptic, the ‘sign’ will never be enough.

Our Father wants us to be in awe Who HE IS and to appreciate the miracle of daily provision. The more we focus with grateful hearts, eyes and lips on the blessings experienced every day, the more progress we make towards the days of abundance and rest.

Ingratitude slows our progress on the journey forward, causing us to loop around our familiar circumstances again and again, lamenting what we want but do not yet have.

Gratitude says, I have what I need and I am thankful.

Gratitude remembers the miracles of the past and gets excited because of the wonder of them all.

Gratitude makes us aware of  and thankful for the present moment.

Prayer/Journal: Father, I thank you for where I am today. I am grateful for my experiences in the past which have taught me about who You are. You are greater than any circumstance, therefore, I will focus on your everlasting goodness and praise you for your mighty acts, including, the fact that I live and breathe.

Today and every day, I choose to be grateful! I will not complain.

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Thank you,
Sharon_DWB (IG)

Photo credit: http://www.pixabay.com



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