Mind Your Manna Devotional: Day 24 – Doing More With Less

Day 24b

Psalm 32:7 You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance.

Believers often are subject to a hiding period: a time of separation and quietness. Sometimes we are called into the hiding place but often we are forced there because we are under attack or faced with a deluge of rapidly changing circumstances that puts us into preservation mode.

Gideon, for example, was hiding from the Midianites. We find him in Judges 6, threshing wheat in a winepress. To protect what he had produced, an activity that would normally be done in a wide open space was being done in a secret place with a smaller implement, meant for a completely different purpose.

How does one thresh wheat in a winepress? I am guessing it took some amount of ingenuity and perhaps extra work. Usually threshing required a large space and open air for winnowing; it was an activity done in a community setting (see Ruth 3). The winepress, on the other hand, is described as a basin, meant for a few occupants where grapes were stomped on, to extract their juice. To state the obvious, this was an adjustment.

In doing more with less in his hiding place, Gideon was unknowingly preparing for his next challenge and victory, with an army slashed from thirty thousand to three hundred.

The lessons learned in our time of hiding will help us in the time of adversity. We learn to do things differently: to do more with less – less resources, less friends, less time, less space; to use our creativity in maintaining our supply of daily spiritual sustenance. We will come to recognize that with Yahweh we can do a lot more with a lot less than we imagined.

What are you doing differently in this season? Even if you are under attack and threatened, you must still be productive and determined to be fed, maintaining strength and preparing for battles you must valiantly lead (Read Judges 6-7). In this season, rely completely on your Father’s instructions, you will do more with less and you will have the victory.

Journal/Prayer: I now recognize that you have given me the means to survive and thrive in this season. I will take every opportunity to learn the lessons which prepare me for the battles ahead. Even as I decrease in some areas, I am gaining strength spiritually and learning how to depend on you even more. Thank you for your daily provision of instructions and strength.

Today, I am sustained in my Hiding Place!



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