My Boat, His Platform Devotional: Day 29 – Challenge Accepted

Day 29 b

Clear it and its farthest limits will be yours…
Joshua 17:18

Joshua, the courageous leader, directed the tribe of Joseph to expand their current allotment in order to accommodate their growth. They were having difficulty fitting into their current space, so he said there is more for you to have, but you must “clear the land for yourselves”. They were given permission to expand into territory not previously explored and the challenge in the instruction was taking them to higher ground, “upwards into the hill country”. It was a daunting prospect, but he reminded them that they were powerful and numerous enough to do it. They took up the challenge and conquered.

Do not be intimidated by the prospect of clearing new paths and going into new territory. Sometimes we are given assigned areas, already prepared, perfectly suited to our ideas and goals.  But as we grow, more opportunities become available to us and if we willing to put in the work and build from the ground up, then this is our go ahead moment.   Our Father, recognizing our growth, gives us permission to go beyond the limits we have known.

I encourage you to push past the descriptions that have been designed to limit the definition of who you are in Him. Dare to think outside the limits set by man and explore where you were once afraid to be curious about.  Be entrepreneurs, be social activists, be bold and fearless in the area He is pointing you.  Accept the challenge to use your talents and the provided platforms (even if they are yet to be cleared) to expand the prospect of bearing much fruit to the glory of your Father.

Prayer/Journal: Father I hear you calling me higher, challenging me to make the steps and focus my energy on moving in the direction you are calling me. With your permission I will step outside the boundaries of the familiar and I will go where you are leading me.

Today, I accept His challenge to go higher.

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Thank you,
Sharon_DWB (IG)

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  1. Yes yes yes!! Wow! I accept the challenge. I can relate to this devotional in a great way as I feel ABBA currently is calling me into new and uncharted territories with my business. I accept the challenge— with faith —believing that I can pursue it through Him who will gives me strength.


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