My Boat, His Platform Devotional: Day 31 – The Greatest Of These Is Love

There is no fear in love, but perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment.
1 John 4:18 (NET)

For the past thirty days I have kept my commitment to share with you, excerpts from my collection of writings, particularly: My Boat, His Platform, Mind Your Manna, Branching Out (although I didn’t use that title during this series) and the Psalm 139 devotionals.  The goal was to inspire a life of purpose and to encourage fruitfulness through a close relationship with Yahweh.  By His grace, we are at day 31.

This was also a challenge to me.  I had to pay attention to the words I shared, applying them to my life, repeating the daily prayers and setting the “Today” mantras as my daily goal.  It was a challenge to keep these commitments, among my other responsibilities.  But I was determined to keep writing every day, because this is what I love.

It is true that love dispels fear.  Love drove out the effects of fear that seized me on the days when I couldn’t be sure what to post; it pushed me to ignore the annoyance of lost documents, failed internet connections and disappearing laptop chargers.  My love for this project kept me awake at nights when I was more inclined to get an additional two hours of sleep.  Ultimately this was a challenge to push past the procrastination rooted in fear, which kept me from writing the book from which these excerpts are taken. This was me surging towards my purpose as well: this is the year the book will be published.

Thank you for your support through the likes, shares and comments.  Thank you for subscribing. Thank you for the personal notes and words of encouragement.  Thank you for accepting the challenge to pursue a life of purpose and allowing your vessel to be the chosen platform from which His love is shown.  In this we honor Yahweh, we honor our word and honor those we serve.

As we take the steps of faith and launch deeper in 2018, may His Word be our compass and light; we will claim new territory and produce much fruit.  What is this fruit that we are encouraged to produce?  The simple answer is LOVE!

Prayer/Journal:  Father, we appreciate your love which reminds us every day that living in fear is not an option.  May your love continue to propel us as we break free from our fears and expand, discovering ways to demonstrate your love in this world.  Thank you for your patience with us, may we in turn show patience towards others who are yet finding their way to live in their full potential and purpose.  We commit in 2018 to abide in You, because outside of you we can accomplish nothing.

Today, His love defines and determines my purpose.

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Thank you,
Sharon_DWB (IG)

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  1. Yahweh has truly blessed you. Your writing is very comforting. I look forward to reading and sharing them with my friends and family. Anxiously awaiting the book.

    Marcia aka Sis P

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  2. My big sister i am so proud of you, it look’s like we Houghton are bless with the talent to write and compose good,I really love it . keep up the good work for Yahweh. Love you!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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