My Boat, His Platform Devotional: It’s not you, its HIM

“…but this happened so that the works of Yahweh might be displayed in him”. 
John 9:3 (NIV)

Display – To make evident, to spread before the view, to exhibit ostentatiously.

In John 9 (I encourage your to read the chapter), our Savior chose a man described as “blind from birth”, to display His power and love to others who had perfect vision.  The man extended His faith without seeing, without ever witnessing the divinity of Yeshua the Messiah and became visible proof of faith through his healing.

What we discover in the verse quoted above, is that the man was born for exactly this purpose.

People had already decided that there was someone to blame for the man’s lack of vision. They assumed that he was destined to remain in that state because of someone else’s actions or his lack of repentance. But the Messiah put an end to those assumptions quickly. They were wrong about that man and I dare say, they are wrong about you. This is for His glory!

In that moment, the man embraced his gift of sight, understanding that there was still a lot to be seen, even if he missed out on some experiences in his childhood or young adult years.

Some of the limitations we experience, the ones we blame on our upbringing and childhood or the circumstances we were born into, may not be the ‘faults’ of our parents, or even because we sinned.  Rather the defects and imperfections which may have resulted in isolation, ridicule, lack and hurt, will become the backdrop against which the Messiah will display Himself as a life-changer.

You may be among the number who cast blame on yourself or your parents, your education or lack thereof, your lack of opportunity as the reason you have struggled in some areas of your life.  But it is never too late to extend your faith, believe even when you cannot see and respond to the instructions from the Voice that says, “go (get up from where you are), wash (leave the past behind) and see (experience what was deemed impossible)”.

Our Father uses the feeble to display courage, the dead to demonstrate resurrecting power, the fearful to exhibit crazy faith, and the vile offender to illustrate mercy.   What you are chosen to do may appear to be the very antithesis of who you are currently, or how you have been described and seen since birth.

This blind man became the billboard for true vision (further expounded on in upcoming posts).  His 20/20 sighted neighbors that previously saw him blind, did not recognize him as a man with vision.

Your ability to see things you couldn’t see before may make you unrecognizable and unacceptable to those who are used to you being blind.  Its okay to respond only by saying, “Through the Messiah, once I was… but now I am…” (v.25).

Today I reject blame and choose to believe that Your Glory will be displayed in my life!

Prayer/Journal: Father I accept that my limitations and imperfections are an opportunity for Your works to be displayed in my life.  I will no longer seek to blame myself or others for the areas in which my vision was limited. I believe you, without seeing the fullness of what I am praying for and I know that in time, your love and power will be demonstrated in my life and circumstances.  Thank you.



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