Choose Trust

But as for me, I trust YOU

Psalm 55:23 (NIV)

The choice is ours. Regardless of the circumstances, choose to trust. Regardless of what you hear or see that may contradict your hope, regardless of what others do or say, choose trust!

There are in fact many other options: choosing to worry, choosing to trust men, women, rulers (Psalm 118:9), choosing to trust possessions, powers and our abilities (Psalm 20:7), choosing a temporary fix or choosing to lose hope (Psalm 55:22; Psalm 42:5 & 11).

None of these choices will result in the peace, security and assurance that comes from trusting the faithfulness our Father, His love for us and the security His promises. So right now, declare your choice: “In you, Yahweh my God, I put my trust.” Psalm 25:1

Today I choose to trust YOU!

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